Entrepreneurship over the Life Cycle: Where are the Young Entrepreneurs? 2020. International Economic Review; 61(2). [pdf]

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Working Papers:

Innovation and Diffusion of Medical Treatment (with Barton Hamilton, Robert Miller and Nicholas Papageorge) (Accepted at International Economic Review). [pdf][animated appendix: treatment evolution]

Work in Progress:

Social Entrepreneurship and Reputation (with Barton Hamilton and Robert Miller).

Social Determinants of Health and the Value of Medical Innovation (with Barton Hamilton and Nicholas Papageorge).

Life-Cycle Fertility and Human Capital Accumulation (with George-Levi Gayle and Robert Miller).

Other Publications:

Which Persists More from Generation to Generation—Income or Wealth? (with George-Levi Gayle). July, 2016. The Regional Economist. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. [pdf]

Breaking Down the Gender Wage Gap by Age and by Hours Worked (with Limor Golan). October, 2016. The Regional Economist. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. [pdf]